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More money, time and impact through pleasurable work
with people you love

Many business owners, consultants, and coaches struggle to find a way to build a business that generates more revenue, requires less time, and creates a bigger impact.

I work 1-on-1 with creatives and entrepreneurs to help them do work they can thrive in, by building an enjoyable, long-lasting business around it.

I help designing and implementing business models and brand strategies that attract and serve your ideal customers well to effectively build your brand.

In short, I help people I like, on their journey to building a successful and impactful business.

Find Clarity

First you need clarity around your inner and your outer world. Then we can discover the possibilities that best match your situation, talents and strengths.

Set Focus

Setting focus is next. Most often, that means getting in the weeds of the creative process: identity, strategy, positioning, marketing. An integrated set of choices that serves you well.

Achieve Growth

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Let's find out how you can serve the world with what you know best?

I offer single calls for free up front, and they are "pay what you want" on the back end. After our call, I'll shoot you over an email with a handful of ways you can reciprocate the value you received. The market price for these calls is $150/hour, but it's entirely up to you. People have paid anywhere from $40 to $350, while others have bartered their own services or products in return. And if you feel I haven't served you well, you're under no obligation to pay anything.

Sound good? Just fill out the form below, and once you hit submit, you'll be redirected to my scheduling page.

Talk soon, amigo!


"We look forward to further collaborations!"

A clear recommendation goes out from me to Solvit! The meetings were very structured and productive. We are looking forward to further cooperations!

Sasan Amir

Sasan Amir

Founder & Fotographer
@ Wildlife.Global

"They really take the time to identify and address the concerns and hurdles of your own business!"

As part of a comprehensive analysis of the company and its environment as the basis for a new strategic direction, individually adapted formats followed, which not only led to greater clarity on the part of the owner, but also to increased identification on the part of the employees, which lifted the team culture to the next level.

Chris Junge

Chris Junge

Martial Artist Instructor & Consultant
@ Akademie 8

"Honest, truthful, transparent."

I thank you for two years (and hopefully more) of loyal, respectful and appreciative cooperation. Peter and his small team combine business with awareness. Awareness for people and their challenges. A team that has the ambition to grow together with its customers. Honest, truthful, transparent.

Giuseppe Caparrotti

Giuseppe Caparrotti

Founder & Coach
@ Giu Coaching

"i always felt understood and taken seriously."

I was picked up exactly where I stood in each case. A lot of time was taken for the workshops to work in depth and breadth. Solvit.Digital managed to help me uncover my most important "problems" and to approach them in a structured way.

Giuseppe Caparrotti

Lydia Hewener

Founder & Trainer

Solvit.Digital Brand Element

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